We are pleased that you have joined us for a visit to Martin Acres by the Sea, a planned community on the shore where men are men and women glisten alluringly in the sun. You are all welcome, as long as you're purple. I am, and all my friends agree, for the birds...

For more information about attracting and managing Purple Martins, Click Here.


Gazebo Phil wishes to thank the following Birdbrains for their talented contributions to the care and maintenance of our Web Site:

Chief Techie Birdbrain
David Felton
Canaan Technology

Assistant Techie Birdbrain
Steve McGuire
Canaan Technology

Chief Camera Birdbrain
Art Davis
Homeguard Security

Chief Birdbrain for Construction
Mario Grippi
Berkshire Construction

Chief Birdbrain Foreman
Glenn DaSilva
Berkshire Construction

Birdbrain Power Man
Mark Forestrom

Deputy Birdbrain for Underground Engineering
Greg DaSilva

Chief Birdbrain in Charge of Research
Milan Bull
Connecticut Audubon

Gazebo Phil thanks all who made this exciting web event possible and offers best wishes to the five thousand people who visited Martin Acres by the Sea last year. Our family of birders includes those who came to our site from eleven countries - many from England and Canada - two from Singapore! And all this activity took place with no promotion at all.

For the birds,

Gazebo Phil

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